The golden hour

It's been a hot day in Mourão, and we have taken things easy. A slow start, a late breakfast, a delicious curry lunch with some of our hosts' colleagues (thank you Mike!) and a snooze in the heat of the day for most of us. I rested.

We fitted in some pin gin and tonics, with strawberries and blueberries and hibiscus for added pinkness. It wasn't even hard to fit them in actually. Here is the evidence!

I did my art card in the morning, drawing the olive trees on the hill opposite. It's a challenge to render all this verdant life with a lead pencil, but the only way to improve is to do it. And I enjoy the process. I christened my new pencil, the most expensive bit of graphite I've ever bought, a Blackwing I think it is.... Yes, here it is.

We have a very early start tomorrow so I am heading for the hay soon. Commenting? I have very little time for any of that but I'm looking at your photos and scattering hearts and stars. That will have to do for this week I think, we blippers know the score!

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