By Artyfartyannie

Milk Moustache

or portrait of M. Got this shot this morning before they went to school, I mean school and Nursery...............I get told off every time I say that she goes to school !!!!!

Been a busy day trying to get organised for going away. The kids are no bother at all................It is mostly my stuff that is the bother although I'm coping with all of it so far. Trying to figure out where to put the plants.........maybe what to risk planting out and etc so as I don't leave it too complicated for Mrs Mummy to deal with.

One maddening thing that is taking up my time is how to get my edited photoshop photos on to my Photostream in all my gadgets. I do like the new Mac and I will get there but this is bugging me !

Extra photo of him cooling down his dinner.

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