By Rei_Miller

Old Catholic Cemetery

Kolomija (Kolomea), Ukraine | Konica Minolta Dynax 5D.

I wrote about this old Catholic cemetery (see January 12th entry).

My son and I were walking, and he suddenly wanted to find out what was outside the fence. My boy has never been to a cemetery in his life, and he wanted to see the old gravestones. I would not go there myself, just like that, but the child was curious, and couldn't refuse him ...

Unfortunately, the cemetery is in a very sad state. It's located in the middle of residential neighbourhoods and it's not guarded, not completely fenced, people walk every day through the cemetery, reducing the distance between areas of residence.

Naturally, the cemetery been subjected to acts of vandalism over 70 years. Even in Soviet times, someone wilfully smashed tombstones, toppled statues and stone crosses and opened crypts. ((

For the past few years, Polish volunteers and some citizens have been trying to bring some sort of order here. Also, I can not say that local historians have collected information about each tombstone preserved.

My Taras was very sad when he saw all this. Is it possible to destroy the graves, he repeated ...


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