Silly Saturday - Thumbprint

We thought this thumbprint was probably silly enough to blip for today's Silly Saturday challenge (thanks as always to admirer for hosting this).

Before you ask, it's not my thumbprint - my thumbs aren't that big! It's part of a sculpture on Newcastle's Quayside called "The Blacksmith's Needle". There's a number of rather silly items on the sculpture, which is a bit like a totem pole - I've added another as an extra, and of course the padlock on the main photo is a bit silly too.

Why were we on the Quayside today? Well, Son#1 is visiting this weekend so we went out with Son#3 as well to do a Treasure Trail. There's a company which sells brochures for such trails all round the country, and a friend gave us 2 local ones as a Christmas present. The one we followed today takes you on a guided walk round part of the city, with about 20 questions to answer on the way about things you see. You write all the answers down on an answer grid, from which you can derive a "De-Activation Code": you can then submit this on-line along with a unique reference number to enter a monthly draw for a prize of £100. We're not expecting to win the draw, but "nothing ventured, nothing gained" - and we had great fun doing it, at the same time having our attention drawn to various details of architecture etc in the city which we wouldn't otherwise have noticed.

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