It's a "Twofer" day.

Since neither is easy to repeat.

I got one of the periodical "Spend a £5+ and get XXXXX free." from Cranston's and I was due a top up visit there anyway. To top up my freezer, AND top up me, with one of my rare treats in the form of their "Full English". The offer varies, almost every time; this one was Coleslaw or 2 steakburgers. No prizes for my choice.

The extra is as a result of a small spot of weeding. I have NO idea if it's this year's or not; it looks very like a Blue Tit's in colour/size, but:-
1. They didn't use the box last year.
2. Have seen little evidence this year - MUST watch.

I ought to add - the "Coffart" is a new departure, i wonder what it'll be next? Folk on the next table only got a heart.

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