Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

All dressed up .....

........ for a night on the town!

Spotted this snail who was fully adorned with beautiful accessories! I thought it looked as if it had rather overdone the embellishments ....... but maybe the other snails will think differently!

Thanks to Admirer for hosting as always :-)

Very chilly today with a northerly wind blowing about ...... we've had heavy showers on & off all day too ...... the sun did pop out occasionally though which was good ...... hope tomorrow is better!

Hope you are all having a Tigger-tastic weekend :-)

I've got a dentist appointment on Tuesday ..... just a check up ..... but with it being May Bank Holiday on Monday & with double supermarket shopping on Wednesday it could well be Thursday before I get back on blip ...... will catch up when I can!

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