By chantler63

How many men does it take to...?

An interesting day. Starting off with a test drive in a Qashqai car (we need to change the Volvo). We liked it so, after a bit of haggling, we are buying it. Next job to change my mini...I fancy a sporty number while I can still get in and out of it!

Then a quick spot of lunch before going to the Queen's Park Centre to put up the Chiltern Images Print Exhibition. 101 prints to be arranged on the walls of the studio. Four men to help. Well, herding cats would have been a doddle by comparison. I did have to put my foot down on the setting out of the initial winners' layout - yes, symmetry is important - no, that can't go there! etc. Verging on tantrum level at one point, I got them to set up the two rows to look impressive. Then I focussed on organising the rest of the prints as they would be set out, got the guys into groups of two, wound them up, pressed the green button and off they went!

It was three hours of hard work and it all looks good. But just how many men does it take to put one print on the wall?

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