One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

He's not arguing

The Kellies made landfall at 2.15pm (after a quick detour via Dalkey, because Alan knows all the shortcuts...) 

There was some sitting in the sun (WWPFT*), listening to 80s music that felt like it had been recorded a mere decade ago, not three and a bit, eating biscuits, drinking tea and coffee.

The kids and dogs and other small creatures seemed quite content to look after themselves. 

Then Alan and I went to the 40 Foot for a dunk or five, and I was quite impressed at how hardy he was, diving in although he has not been in the sea for months. A childhood of summer swims in Brittas Bay has certainly toughened him up! 

Then we had a cheeky pint in my local, an establishment I had not yet tried in the 8 years since we have been living here. I could happily let it be another 8 years before I go back to this rather depressing watering hole. 

The day was rounded off by a vegetable curry (with enough chicken in it to make it palatable to most) and as I type Mimi and Mrs Raheny are doing some hardcore gymnastics conditioning next door, listening to some rather energetic dancy tunes on Spotify. 

I know that Mrs Raheny will be dying tomorrow... 

* We Will Pay For This  

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