Silly Saturday

Thank you for hosting admirer.

I assumed I'd have to take a picture of a neighbor's frog statue to get a silly picture today but then this deer began scratching. I scratch, you scratch, but it is funnier when a deer scratches. This is another time when the deer was really close by and utterly unconcerned. My dog was interested, but stayed patiently by my side. What a good boy he is. 

This morning I woke up and immediately began making a video for a co-worker. She had requested the video I made of her son on Take Your Child to Work Day but I realized 
a) it was huge and not something I could email
b) I had forgotten to turn off the filming so I needed to edit it anyway
I edited a nice minute-long video with a title, a special effect, and lots of silly sounds. He wants to be a werewolf when he grows up so that is an overarching theme. He photobombed the next two interviewees and his mom grabbed him and pulled him out of frame repeatedly so I decided to add a "Comedy Boing" sound each time. If it were going to be online I'd share a link but it is not appropriate to put it up since there are additional children in the film. YouTube had free music to add and of course music makes a world of difference. I was thinking, "Werewolves of London" the whole time. She loaned me a hard drive to save it to so I will give it to her on Monday. 

Today is the anniversary of something horrible that happened in the US when I was just a baby. Our current situation is not the worst time in America. It is useful to call my mother-in-law at times to talk about it. 

Everyone I know who believes that it is possible we can get through this and evolve into something much better is a Trekkie, someone who spent formative years watching Star Trek. This is just something I've observed. Crossing my fingers. 

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