By dogwithnobrain

I'd Search the Moons of Endor

Today we got up early and headed to the Allotment.  We stopped of to collect breakfast to take with us - it was a nice morning, not as cold as the weather man would have you believe. 

At the Allotment, we weeded, planted, sorted, fixed patched, chatted.  We did not partake in naked gardening day.  

By the time we got home we had a few more bits and pieces to do in the garden there - and we had a coffee and a cake and then got on with it. 

I went upstairs to get a shower, and looked acorss the road and saw this... .

It wasn't there when we came home - it must have gone up while we were busy in the back.  It did make me giggle lots - which I needed. 

It's still up - i'd love to know who the star wars buff is in the house....   feeling it might be the dad.

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