By Artyfartyannie

He is Behind You

just a little Lemur so not to worry. We went to the Five Sisters Zoo today with M and J, our charges while the parents are having a small break........Delightful as are our other two Grandchildren. Funny how they have their little quirks and differences. I love having them and so does Mr AF. We don't half have a laugh about what they do. M is quite the little Madam as is her Cousin............That the girls for you. I cant say that the boys are so alike (cousins) but they both don't half like a laugh. Had a lovely day at the Zoo. We went to see the big animals but they were mostly in their beds and J quipped that the best thing he saw today was the digger..........he does have a sense of humour. That was at the beginning of the trip. We were there for at least 3 hours. I'll put extra shots in .........
The Lynx had to fight with a bag of chicken bones and tried to open them...........that is his exercise for the day. I felt sorry for him and he had a wound from the boyfriend so they were separated. 

Plenty more to show you but I'll leave it at that. Some animals in Extra

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