Nothing new under the sun

Ach, I don't like these blip days. But I have no choice but to acknowledge that Blipfoto thinks that today I've been here for seven years. (In fact it's 7.34 years with a 95.3% posting rate but Blipfoto doesn't enjoy numbers as much as I do.)

This morning our Grenoblois guests left on the 7am bus. It's been an incredibly full and convivial few days and I've done far more cooking than I normally do in a month. Fortunately there's enough left over to last until they'll be cooking for me when we do the same concert in Grenoble at the end of the month.

After waving them off, my camera and I went for a deep breath around empty Sunday-morning Oxford and I found myself musing at the muses.

As it's a day for blowing my own trumpet, and because we've done so much baroquery over the last few days (listen to the exuberant beginning of this, which opened our concert) I've added another muse as an extra.

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