By Shutterup

Mystery - I need help to identify

There was a plant sale /coffee morning at the village hall today and naturally it was a good opportunity to go and catch up on some local gossip and share a plant or three!  I took along an iris tuber and a michaelmas daisy as the entry fee and joined in the fun. I came home with a few well started cosmos purity and some parsley which was great.  As always at this time of the year the village hall wooded surround has this divine little plant flowering by the gate.  l have looked up what it was previously and not been successful in finding it (unless it was a very rare wild plant which l thought was unlikely but possible!) My intrigue has been reignited and the search is going to resume.  If anyone out there has any idea of what this could be l would be delighted for any information or hunches you could pass on to me :)
A little info
The plant flowers at about 9 inches from the ground but the stalk may be around 14 inches long, lying horizontally for a while before standing up!  The stem is hairy and the underside of the leaves are also.  The leaves are long and thin (approx 4 cms) and the flowers are a stunning deep blue as you can see in the photo about half to three quarters of an inch across ... the buds are a deep reddy purple .

Please suggest to any wildflower experts you know to take a peak at this and see if we can find out what it is.. if l succeed l will come back and let you know :)

I have discovered what the plant is after a lot of researching online.  It was not that easy!!!  I found it on here where the only thing to do was to go through all the names clicking on them and finding out what they looked like!!!  I reached P before discovering that it is Purple Gromwell !!  Yippee!!  Thank you to anyone who has been researching it for me ... (no idea if anyone has been!!)

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