Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17

Allez, allez, allez..... non......lent!

Really wanted to catch Le Tour whizzing past in these parts today and was planning my route and venue when oh mon Dieu I realised that they were actually passing within walking distance of chez Lupes.  So off to Sutton in Craven I tootled, I was early so thought I'd avoid the crowds and meander upt lane towards Goose Eye....well if any locals know that lane, it's a long and very steep one! 
Jiggered ey pooped at the top so I was, but a pleasure to see the chaps swooshing through.  The writing on the road says slow......and they really should have slowed down....it's one heck of an incline into Sutton!
Then a walk/adventure over the moors back to Eastburn which included being cornered by a field of cows.....fosby flopping over many a stone wall.....being pointed in the right direction by a farmer who had most cheekily enjoyed watching my travels across his fields and walls....and a pretty find of Lady's Smock....
Extras..... the leaders, no idea who they are though, a peeing policeman (not the one on the bike) and the pretty Lady's Smock

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