Marsupium Photography

By magi

no cars

For the first time ever I have seen both Victoria Street and Cockburn St without any cars. Today was the first Open Street Day where some roads are closed to traffic in Edinburgh - in fact, it was the first in the UK. It was nice to wander the streets and enjoy them without cars. There are so much prettier. Although, it also allowed you to have a closer look at the terrible state of the road surfaces. It was fun to watch someone try out an e-bike at the bottom of Victoria St. Their first exclamation when zooming up the hill was 'bloody hell'. Both Victoria St and Cockburn St should just get pedestrianised.

Some more wandering around town and shopping for a new alarm clock for #2. For some reason they don't seem to last very long. Otherwise packing stuff for trip to Finland tomorrow.

More pics of car-free streets and sunny Edinburgh on flickr.

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