We moved holiday home today (only a couple of houses further, but still everything had to be packed and brought over to the other house) and they haven't done the interior decorating make-over there yet, so different furniture, furnishings and decorations. I've got my eye on the wonderful x-ray photography prints that will be gone by next year, the x-rayed flowers by Stephen N Meyers are fascinating. And while trying to find a minimalist shot my eye fell on the fruit bowl here, catching a bit of light with the back of the dining chair as a good dark background.

Thanks so much for your many Abstract Thursday entries last week. This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'colour' and the tag will be AT202.

Here are last week 5  AT specials:
frani          for a dreamy bedewed natural abstract
rainie        for a dream in the clouds abstract
mambo    for a very abstract window display
evolybab  for a poppy with Pep Ventosa effect
AJC          for a Blaschka glass marine life effect

Thanks so much again, also for the kind comments and stars for the teeny tiny spider yesterday !

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