By Number147


A whole week has passed already. I have silent tears now rather than loud, snotty sobs.

We ordered gravel for a garden project and then walked to our nearest village for the Tractor Day. Across the Caen Hill locks, down through the Jubilee woods and along the permissive path into Rowde. So I have now walked the canal and woods without Millie. I missed her every step of the way.

To the tractors; we enjoyed watching the ploughing demonstrations, I took a thousand photos and we had an icecream each. 

It got quite warm and the uphill walk home was a bit of a struggle. We went via the pub and Jez made me a G&T and reached for the Salt and vinegar crisps without me even asking. I hardly go in there but Clive is a regular with Mark.

Happily, May, June and July are quite busy socially, so that'll perk us up.

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