Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Roslin Glen

It wasn't easy to get a photo with a sense of the scale of the view, but I think this one does to some extent at least. T and I went to explore the glen to see how far we could get along the river as the path was said to have been destroyed by a landslip some years ago. Well, we did it, although I'm not sure we will do it again in a hurry! We were assisted by a couple coming the other way who told us that the path was passable along a narrow stretch just by the river and later by a group of women who helped us over a huge fallen tree where someone had put some footholds - this was probably where the landslip had happened. There were a lot of other people walking in the glen, many more than I've ever met before, and we were left with the feeling that most of the rest of them were a good deal more capable than us!

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