Mind Games

I am disorientated.

It is some kind of holiday today - public, bank... whatever. Our office works on most such holidays. The days just get added to our annual holiday entitlement.  

The local schools were closed, as was the college across the street and the church where I often eat lunch. But, the lawyer's office on the other corner was open, and so was the dog grooming place next door. 


Well, I just got my head down and made good progress with my work. 

The mind is a funny thing. On Saturday I was reminded about Junior's trip to Peru 9 years ago. While he was away I had a few days in Orkney. Yesterday - without being conscious of any connection - I booked a weekend trip to Orkney for July. Today I made the connection.  

The Blip is 8.50am in the car park where - if I drive to work - the car is left all day. On a normal Monday it is almost full by the time I get there. 

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