Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo


A busy week at work. Too many plates spinning. And some of the plates have similar patterns. Set up a meeting with some collaborators on a document and invited the project manager so that they knew what was going on. Then realised that the project manager that I had invited was the project manager of a different project. A different project that also involved collaborating with collaborators on a document. So uninvited the project manager. Who then emailed me in confusion. I explained my mistake and they offered to cancel a spurious “catch-up” meeting that they had put in my diary for their project. I thanked them and gave a quick summary of where I was. But the summary was for the other project. Backspaced and summarised the correct project.

This is my life.

But it might get better. I’ve requested and been approved to work a “compressed” week which will involve me doing 5 day’s work in 4 (long) day’s. Having clear time at the start and end of the day will help. As will having Mondays off.

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