Can You Spot?

the baby egyptian goose goslings?  There were at least 10, but here are 3 anyway :)

(apologies for the poor blip, they really were quite far away)

This was before the male swan was chasing them.  

I have also seen ordinary goslings a smaller brood, just 5 at work today :)

Walked to station 45 minutes, just missed the 7.22 train I was aiming the next one but would you believe it every single seat was booked  :(  Very lucky that I saw a friend's name.  I texted her and she's on holiday this week, so I can use the seat when I get that train :)

Apologies in advance for lack of commenting, just so tired I can't think I'l stay awake long and its only ten to seven!

Happy Tuesday folks :)

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