Arnside and beyond

By gladders


This a wood near home where ramsons dominates the ground flora in an extensive white sheet. At this time of year a good spread of ramsons can rival bluebells for spectacle, and exceed them for overwhelming scent. I can still smell garlic now an hour later. 

I blipped this same place 7 years ago to mark the one year anniversary of Amalarian's last blip on 7th May 2011 in her Tuscany journal. It's some years since I last marked her passing, so this one is for Molly of Tuscany, whose beautiful journal and generous, benevolent presence here are still missed by many of us long-standing blippers.

The connection in this blip and the one 7 years ago was that her last blip featured her noble dog Luigi amongst the architectural heads of Allium aflatunense, and our more humble ramsons is also an Allium, A. ursinum. What the individual flowering heads of ramsons lack in grandeur, they make up for in their massed splendour.

Molly posted 460 blips, a total that looks modest compared to the totals that many of her contemporaries and successors here have since amassed. But every one is worth revisiting for their wisdom, humour, insights, observations of people, the quality of writing and outstanding images.

Alas, I couldn't feature Gus in this blip as another connection to Molly's last blip of Luigi, since now the wood is less accessible than it once was, and he's not as agile. Mind, he does like the smell of ramsons.

This was taken with my old D90 as my wide-angle is not designed to work on my full-frame D610. I was amazed at how clunky it now feels, plus how I've forgotten how to find some of the settings. I also forgot to reset the date, so if I hadn't noticed just in time, this would have been blipped as the 1st January 2000.

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