simple moments

By simplemoments

i heart...


this one being - a magnet, a refrigerator magnet - i admit right now - to being a bit of - a refrigerator magnet geek - remember back in the day - when they were all the rage? - my mama’s ‘fridge was full - of magnets - every shape, kind, fashion you - might imagine was on her - refrigerator door and when it - was full then the side was open game as well - she couldn’t help herself - if she found one she liked - it became part of her collection

i am not that bad - i am very persnickety with my taste - and veer towards unusual - or unique in style - so i have a limited number - which grace my refrigerator door - some have been gifts - most i have acquired myself - like this one - many of you know my love - for all things ‘heart’ - so when i saw this - handmade ceramic heart with - all its stunning detail - it called my name - to be able to grace my refrigerator door - truly makes it...


happy day.....

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