Scotland’s hidden gem- St Peter's Holy Well

Well, this is a tale of the unexpected.
When I got up this morning to go to Perth I never dreamt I would be drinking out of a Holy Well pilgrims used as a stopping place in the 1100s on their way to the shine of the Saintly Queen Mary at Dunkeld.
 ( I even made a wish). see extra photo.
But the Holy Well at Fingask castle, the venue for our  Regional committee meeting of Scotland’s Open Gardens Regional, has a long and historic link with Scotland history.
It is one of the holy places the kings of Scotland prayed at before being crowned at Scone.
There is something magical about Fingask castle partly due to its spectacular setting in a hidden glen.
And the  owners over the years have added their own touch to it- the topiary is amazing 
Today it's  a popular venue for weddings and holiday cottages in the grounds. 


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