Life Savors

By osuzanna

I spent a little time at the botanical gardens with the Lensbaby - always hit or miss.

The speaker tonight at camera club was a young photo-journalist who after being a U.S. Marine combat photographer in Iraq and Afganistan, obtained a Bachelors in Fine Art Photography from the Corcoran and in the last few years worked for a news agency where he covered "Charlottesville," "Ferguson" and the civil unrest in Baltimore after the Freddy Gray murder.  His images were incredible and his retelling of the Charlottesville story was riveting.  He said it was the worst and most frightening thing he had ever witnessed in his life and when it was all over, he cried.  I can't imagine going out with my camera and having to wear a helmet and bulletproof vest, but is so good that there are others who do.  I almost skipped the meeting and am so glad I didn't.

Backblipped 5-7-2019

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