I spent the day leading a SLFG field meeting to Far Old Park Wood near Irnham. Despite much previous discussion with the landowner beforehand, the farm gates were locked when we arrived, necessitating an emergency dash to Irnham Hall where I had an amusing conversation with the owner, who held my hand for some considerable time while I tried to explain who I was and what I wanted. However, eventually the penny dropped and he lent me the necessary keys.The rest of the day proceeded more smoothly, though the wind was bitingly cold and two heavy hail showers were decidedly unpleasant, specially as I'd forgotten to pack a waterproof jacket.

We found plenty of interesting species, including many Scaly Male Ferns, whose magnificent croziers were just unfurling and two small colonies of Early Purple Orchids, not previously recorded from the area. We also collected specimens of 12 taxa for the LoveLincsPlants project, though conditions were definitely not ideal. I think they may need an extra day in the herbarium dryer! 

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