By Beckett


.... well our time in Amsterdam was up, we have had superb weather but this morning here it was "drab" and wet, so good time to move on.
So while waiting for our bus for return to Dusseldorf, what better than to have some fun with a game of Jenga. Only issue the wind must have blown, (and it was) - I mean surely I did not cause the collapse..see extra ha ha!!

We had a great time checking out all the hi and "low" spots of this amazing city. Have heaps of pics and many more memories.... yep heaps of bikes!!! lol

My wish of a catchup did not eventuate as we went out - plus I realised had not changed the date on the camera, so Blips marvellous "nail the day date" started to have me realise I was posting on the wrong day with some already up - mmm will have to sort that out! Not sure when, as we are off to London late tomorrow with family for three days, then as they return here to Dusseldorf we are off on a run around UK.

Sure it will all work out, but when - ah the joys of holidays.

Enjoy and have a look in  LARGE- also had a chuckle while we were playing Jenga, a flight crew came down to hop their bus to airport, and while waiting all blew into a breathalyser, and one member recorded on a phone.
Interesting it was done in public!

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