a Scots life

By Annakucat

Part of the holiday.

We like post cards, sending and receiving them. We’re having a much needed sit down and pint in Falmouth, having seen what we thought was a road traffic accident. An old lady was caught by metal fencing and fell off the pavement in front of a truck (Tad saw itclearer thanme) how the truck didn’t go over her I know not. She was injured & briefly unconscious. We ran to help along with others , first person turned out to be a nurse & mountain rescue trained , he was great. Did everything perfectly. I just phoned the ambulance and helped calm the driver (he thought he had hit her at first) & the lady’s friend, along with another person. The ambulance was very fast , we left & headed for the pub to calm ourselves down.
The on to the Maritime Museum,which is terrific, very good indeed. We spent the whole afternoon there.

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