By davidc

Abstract Thursday: Colour

Ingeborg has chosen "Colour" as today's optional AT theme.
While passing a local shop this morning I was impressed by its bright orange shutters, and later while walking through a small copse I liked the bright green leaves of spring. I thought the colours could work quite well together and that I could do something with these two photos for the challenge: hence today's blip.

I used to be a total Philistine when it came to appreciation of visual art (regarding most of it as b___s___), although my rather more art-loving offspring have managed to achieve a moderate improvement over the years in this aspect of my character. So I'm going to try to offer an artyfarty interpretation of my blip:

"Many aspects of life are very well organised, following a regular pattern: every now and then, however, chaos bursts through and disturbs this orderliness."

Waxing philosophical, eh?!

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