By janescanlan

Another K

This is KH. She’s lovely.
We checked out of the Madonna Inn early in the morning and managed to get on the road by 10.15am.
We expected to get to the campground for the wedding weekend by 3pm at the latest. How wrong we were. Once we entered the whole area north of LA traffic just backed up for mile after mile. We finally made it into the mountains and arrived at around 5.30pm. Poor K does all the driving.

The campground is lovely and we have a room in a cabin rather than a tent. I’m getting too old for getting in and out of a tent.
Giant pizza and giant donut was served for dinner, then campfire karaoke.
I’ve a rather splendid photo of K in her bat-hoodie but I honestly think she would be very unimpressed with me should I post that.

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