Kitchen colours

Found this in the kitchen drawer under the stove and did a bit of faffing ;-) If you entered the Abstract Thursday Challenge today don't forget to tag your entry with AT202

Had a lovely meet-up and lunch with Damnonii and KarenC at the Dormy Clubhouse, Karen was the second person commenting on my very first Blip more than 6 years ago and we met in person in Belgium not that long after that. Damnonii/Diane is a long time Blipper who lives just down the road from our holiday home, and we've been meeting for two years now although it always feels as if we knew each other long before that. The power of Blip ! It's Diane's 3000th Blip today and Karen and I may feature in it ;-) See a shot of us at Gleneagles in the extra !

Thanks very much for your kind comments and stars for the very dreich image yesterday ! Today the weather was much better !

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