The Old Balloon Seller

AKA The Balloon Lady.

The Balloon Lady is a piece of family history. It's a Royal Doulton figure owned and much loved by my grandmother. After she died mum took and looked after it, dusting it every day, but I think she revered rather than loved it. If it hadn't been her mother's I don't think she'd have given it house room. The Balloon Lady has now passed to the next generation and has been on a shelf in my house for some time. In all honesty it's not my thing, nor my sister's. But our lovely cousin, with whom of course we share our grandmother, is going to give her a new home. Today I took the BL and gave her a gentle wash. I'm now going to parcel her up in lots of bubble wrap ready to take to our cousin tomorrow. I'm glad she's staying in the family and that one of Grandma's granddaughters will love her as much as she did.

M set off on the 10:30 LNER train this morning after his week's holiday with us. Tomorrow my sister arrives for a very quick visit so I'm gearing up for a domestic day.

Wishing you all a good weekend.

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