By Kipsie

I should Sango-kaku!

Got loads done in the garden today .. planted up lots of houttuynia, lily of the valley,  plus some seedlings from the front garden. Potted on lavender, & rose cuttings. Finished weeding the newly created flower bed then planted some mimulus seedlings in the back garden.. Weeded the front border, scarified the "lawn" where I'd zapped it with non selective weed killer. Whoops!! Then it started to rain, so have that to finish later. Lunch toasted corned beef, onion, & cheese sandwich .Yum! Just what I need  to refuel, then up to the allotment, my little Aygo loaded up with buckets of weeds, runner bean & broad bean plugs, bags of compost, garden tools. Planted the broad beans, not sure about the runners, are they runners???? They were dried bean pods I rescued from the allotment heap so not 100% sure. Alan will know ... The only other allotmentee mad enough to be up there in the rain, with his dog gorgeous elderly Labrador, Honey. He was'nt 100% sure either but thought they were which  means I need to erect my bean wigwams .. Not enough time to faff today, I'll do that on Sunday.
Back home now, snapped my blip. I love Japanese acers, I'm down to two small plants but they'll grow. :) I love the way the colours of this variety, which I believe is 'Sango-kaku', repeat in the algae on the brickwork wall behind.
Right I'm off, I've got a cake to bake. I'm having an away day tomorrow with Cassie'smum, & two more friends. We're off to the Malvern Spring Show. There'll be plenty of leaves to blip about you can be sure of that, who knows I might even bring some home, if there's room in the boot.

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