Lovely day for a walk

I'd promised to take Ronel on my new favourite walk, up the Maitai Valley. Rain is forecast for tomorrow but today was lovely, so after frittering away the morning chatting (though I did have to pop out to Atawhai and pick up Ted from his Bunny Hotel at 10am!) we set off at 12.30. I'd thought the walk would take us about two hours, but we seemed to get so distracted along the way looking at fruit and nut trees, taking photos, talking to the livestock and also to a couple of women we met on the way back (!) that by the time we reached town again it was after 4pm. We were both starving, and decided on Ford's as a good place to find some food. As it happens, four o'clock is the time that Ronel's family usually eats their main meal of the day anyway, when James gets home from school, so it was perfect for her. Then we picked up some more tonic water (!), crisps, dips and cheese – emergency rations – from the supermarket, and headed home. Lemon tree in the garden ;-)
The only worrying thing is that there's still no sign of Tabby. I know this cat, and I'm sure she's got herself locked into someone's garden shed or sleepout, as she's done it before. Ronel is convinced that she'll turn up overnight, but I don't think so as people don't tend to open up their outbuildings in the middle of the night. We will have to mount a serious search for her tomorrow. Jonathan says he didn't see her when he came to feed both cats over the weekend, but major inroads had been made into the food that was left out. However, that doesn’t tell us much as Toby is so greedy!  She, meanwhile is looking plump and worried, running about the house meowing. So much for the "diet" the vet said she needs to be on; she may have been enjoying double rations from Friday to Monday.

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