Happy Fat

Rich gave me another surprise yesterday, which I started reading today; Sofie Hagan's new book 'Happy Fat'. I had a conversation the other day with someone about books like these (as I've picked up a couple lately) and how they apparently promote obesity. In case anyone checking my feed thinks this is what these books do, or that I am doing it by reading them, to you I say nay. These books and the folks who write them aren't saying that it's preferable to be fat, or that obesity is a preferred state. They're not saying "Oi, skinny, get on down to KFC and stick a bucket of chicken in your face!" What they're saying to fat people like me, is that it's not the worst thing in the world to be fat. The media tells you this, and society has been shaped to believe it is, but being fat does not make you a terrible person. It does not diminish your value. It does not mean you do not deserve love or respect. It is simply the shape of the vessel that carries the important qualities that make you, you. 

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