By TheMapSmith

Those magnificent men in their flying machines....

...they go up, diddly up up...over the East Prom at Sheringham!  There I was, trying to photograph the breaking wave at high tide, when a shadow appears across the water, and I look up to find this chap, and his mates, swooping around above me.  I took some grabshots, and this is the best of the bunch.

Amazing blue sky and sunshine, given that it was pouring with rain out of slate grey skies when we left home a couple of hours earlier.  It turned out to be a lovely day, pottering long the north Norfolk coast - as well as Sheringham, we went to Beeston Priory Garden and then RSPB Titchwell (for a walk, rather than birdwatching) where, to my great delight, I saw my first every water vole!  It treated us to a lengthy display of swimming (reminding me of those little clockwork toys for small children to play with in the bath!), stripping reeds and stuffing its face - the hamster-like cheek pouches were bulging by the time we left it!  No blip of the water vole, though, because (inevitably) the camera was in the car - but actually nice to just watch and enjoy rather than having the experience mediated through a lens.

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