By Artyfartyannie


I was intending to be good and not have a sweet in the Sicilian restaurant that we were lucky to find tonight, but when she mentioned Cassata I couldn’t miss the chance. The real deal is not like a possible substitute you might find in the UK. Check it out here. Molto deliciouso.

Mr AF wanted to check out the result of a job he succeeded in getting for his company some years ago. It was above the original Fiat factory in Turin so we went there on the subway ( they have one line only) we found ourselves in an enormous book festival when we got there. It was really interesting.
I haven’t the energy to go in to it but it was incredibly huge and incredibly busy.

I’m pleased to report that my very sore leg of yesterday has miraculously gotten a lot better .............. not fully but so much improved on the pain of yesterday.

Sorry if I don’t comment tonight. some extra shots if you want to look

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