A parent to be....

After getting some little things done this morning, I took a walk at a park that I haven't been to before. So many little birds scurrying around..  While looking into the trees for birds, a heron flew in with something in its beak, landed in this tree, and then gave it to the other heron in the extra photo. They stayed together for about 15 minutes and then one went up to the top of tree where I got the other photo.. A wonderful moment to observe.

After lunch I went and saw my dad.. A lot of randomness, a few smiles, drank a few tablespoons of water but slept most of the time. While there, a couple my dad knew from church stopped by to see how he was. They were sad to see him decline so much. We talked for the next 2 hours just catching up on nothing much. Alan (73) and Eve (89) keep each other young. Two weeks from now they are driving their motorhome over to Missoula Montana for a few weeks as something to do.

Tomorrow I'll be headed over the pass with my mom and have lunch along the river for mother day.. 

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