While on my runs

By waipushrink

Heads into the wind

This afternoon we went to the hospital and brought mother-in-law back to the apartment. It so happens that she has an appointment tomorrow late afternoon with an ophthalmologist, so rather than a trek north to leave her just overnight, she will use the spare bed in the study.

While I was waiting for all the paperwork to be done so we could take her, I went to the end of the building (on the 5th floor) and saw the rough water on Lake Pupuke. Also managed to see one of the shags with my eye. The second one and the gulls had to wait until I had downloaded from the camera to my MacBook. 

I am unsure if their positions indicate that the shags are dominant or it is the gulls, with the larger space who have dominated them.

Weather has turned really foul this evening with high winds and lots of rain.

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