Sunny Sunday

The forecast was good for the morning so we headed out early. It was sunny but still quite chilly and I did not expect to see much in the way of butterflies and damsels. The swans were out for an early morning swim - still 7 cygnets. The butterflies started to appear as it got warmer and the Orange Tips were more amenable about stopping.The red damsel caught a huge fly and stopped to devour every morsel. It went down head first. The goldfinch was in my garden early this morning obviously wanting the string round the honeysuckle for nesting purposes. It could not manage the knots so I may have to lend a hand and undo them. We are pottering in the garden this afternoon and then off to see The Fureys this evening. I have been singing " Sweet Sixteen " all morning.
In other news - my camera lens started playing up this morning so I feel a trip to the camera shop coming on. It is just out of guarantee. Typical. 

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