By Ridgeback13


Chatted with K over tea and croissants before going with Mt&H and the little ones for a walk/cycle/scooter round Willen Lake. Quieter than usual but took a long time to go not very far (AR didn’t want anyone to go in front of her, Mx would only push not stand on the scooter etc), then played for a while in the park before back to go to Buckingham to do some wedding dress shopping. Strange woman in the shop but a couple of lovely dresses-this was the favourite as it almost looked like it was scattered in stars (possibly a good connection for her latest venue idea!). We went with K, O and N to lunch at a nice Turkish place then home to play in the garden with the little ones. Took them round to K’s later after Mt&H had gone out for dinner to let them have some rough and tumble with ‘Torch’ as they call AL, then put them to bed and T&Kt and A came round to chat, eat takeaway, and watch some nonsense TV. A and I played scrabble too-I’m rusty!!

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