Scat's Robertsbridge

Having spent a fabulously slobby & relaxing weekend in Hastings with my friend V, we then went to see JtGP's new palace at Bexhill. Goodness me what a wonderful new home he has. From there by car through Battle and on to a delicious pub lunch in the middle of nowhere.

My train ticket was from Hastings, but since all trains home from there stop at Battle, JtGP suggested that we take a postprandial stroll round Battle and intercept my train there. I calculated that I should be at Battle station no later than 15 minutes after my train had been scheduled to leave Hastings and this was then checked via smartphone (don't laugh). No trains from Battle – Engineering works. No trains from Hastings either – same Engineering works. Both of which should have been mentioned when I had purchased the tickets, but no, they hadn't been. Trains were still running from Robertsbridge however, so we drove there instead. Which is where JtGP grew up and so he was able to show us around the interesting sites, including this, the former Scat's animal feed mill, now abandoned but with residential ambitions.

Even though Scat's animal feed is no longer made in Robertsbridge, Gray-Nicolls cricket bats still are, and on our way to the station from the derelict mill we passed the local cricket green where the local team were putting the local product through its paces.

Glorious weekend! Thanks V!

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