By tondrijfhamer

Mothers Day

It's mothers day today.
That means today will be filled with visits to my parents and my inlaws.

When we woke up Bas and Daan first treated Annemarie with a few presents and breakfast in bed.
After that, and the daily 'getting-dressed' rituals we went to Stadskanaal, to bring flowers and a present to my mom and dad. Joke and Peter joined us there, with an equal mission.

Around lunchtime we all went home again. Normally we would go to my inlaws in the afternoon, but they asked if we'd come over around dinnertime. That gave me some time off in the afternoon and together with Peter we went on a short phototrip nearby.
The windmill 'Meervogel' in Hoeksmeer was our goal. It happens to be National Windmill Weekend as well, so chances are it will be running.
And it was!
Despite the wind I took my drone out and made some nice shots from the sky. Several 'high wind velocity' warnings later I landed it safely at my feet and continued shooting with my regular camera. Although the light was quite harsh, I do like the end result. I guess my polarizer did the trick here, accentuating the beautiful Dutch sky.

Later we had dinner in Appingedam at my inlaws. Bas and Daan watched football (Studio Sport) together with their granddad.

Tomorrow it's back to work.

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