Unexpected flower

Today l had a fair part of the day to explore so l decided to catch the ferry to Hawes End and take a quick peak at the Catbells before catching the ferry to Ashness Gate. I followed the group heading for Catbells and made my way up high enough to experience the scale of the mountain and the early views of Derwentwater. Things didn’t quite go to On the return though as l ended up in the Lingholm estate rather than the ferry point and missed the planned boat. I did however have a very nice coffee and picked up a sandwich, certainly a good choice of food here. It was walking through the grounds that l noticed these striking blue poppies and decided these would be today’s blip. Then it was onto Ashness Gate where a short walk up the road brought me to Ashness Bridge. Here some shots were taken dodging the walkers and tourists enjoying the view. Extras included for my comparison. No tripod or filter was used so it will be interesting to see the great improvement should we revisit in the next few days. Note all photos will only have been processed using Snapseed while away.

Then it was back in time for the start of the photography course. A lot has been learnt already, let’s hope l can some of it into practice.

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