Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Bluebell wood

I know I've blipped this year's bluebells already, but bear with me. We were up Glen Massan this afternoon, with me wearing sunglasses after an appointment with the optician this morning - these dilating drops take for ever to wear off! But I had to keep removing the glasses to check if the bluebells were as wonderful as they seemed - great drifts of them, more vivid than before, under the trees, among the nascent bracken, along the verge. The scent of them was everywhere, and to top it all there was first one cuckoo calling on the far side of the glen, followed after a while by a second just above the road. On and on they called till we were sure they'd be tired, with the blackbird's song interweaved with their calls.

This weather is wonderful. Makes me unwilling to stay indoors, but at least I can hang out washing in the certainty that it will dry, and view that as enough work for the day. Now, however, it's time for bed and I realise I actually meant to do a bit of academic reading.

I shall offer my dilated eyes as an excuse ...

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