Margie's View

Not much in the way of image today; I think my eyes were exhausted from all the images Sunday. This is the view from Margie's apartment, where we meditated before going out for coffee. Margie understood my excitement about that archives workshop immediately.

"It helps allay the self-doubt," she observed. "It's a validation, and validation always comes at a good time."

That's it. My constant companion is self-doubt: what's the use of all these images? why do this? who cares? what on earth will I ever do with them? Who needs this? It's not art, it's not journalism--so what is it? 

And yet I keep on. It calls to me like a lover. I feel indulgent. At least when I'm writing, I exert discipline. With photography, I just give in. Again and again. So yes. The archives workshop gave me validation and a framework for not feeling ashamed of myself for giving in. (Thank you John Calvin and my Puritan forebears.)

Aimee has had some success in allaying the pain enough to be able to sleep. Sleep is her friend, her healing friend.

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