Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

Quite a Day

It's exactly 12 weeks since my kidney transplant today.  All those weeks ago I would be out of breath just going up the stairs, now today I've been back out on my bike, further than last time as well.  And it's awesome!  

Although my backside was a bit sore, not used to being in the saddle for that long.  Lol!

It's been quite a day, I've confirmed the date for my Kidney Walk in Swansea with the council.  So it will now take place on Sunday 21st July.

And my CEO has rang me from Amsterdam tonight, to confirm that we've won a major award from our financial investors.  An award that was based on the work that I've done these past 4 years, and yes I did write the submission.  It also means that we've won 15,000 Euros to go to the charity of my choice.  BOOM!

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