Damelfly - First one this year

Unpacked and loads of washing done today and it all dried nicely and is now waiting to be ironed - a chore I hate.  KG cut the grass and trimmed some of the shrubs - I pottered some of the time with him.  After lunch I went into the garden to look for my blip and the blip I originally wanted the light had changed and it wasn't right  - as I was walking towards the poppies a damsel fly flew past and disappeared - I waited sure she would return and she did.  Taken from a little way away so I have cropped this one.
KG catching up on Game of Throne and I am catching up on blip.  Thanks for all the stars and hearts you left me while I was away.
By the way if you have time I posted a back blip for yesterday 
A beautiful sunny day so a lovely welcome home 

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