By mollyblobs

The beauty of the commonplace

Botanists travel for miles to see orchids, which are undoubtedly fascinating and beautiful. But many everyday species are just as stunning when viewed closely. The hogweed in our garden is just coming into flower, a frothy confection of pink and white with lime green anthers - what's not to like?

Most of today was spent trying to organise paperwork for fieldwork next week. Once we used to just go out on site - now it seems there are always forms to fill in, most of which only arrive at the last minute. I felt quite mentally exhausted at the end of the day, despite having done very little. 

However, an evening walk round Swaddywell Pit sandwiched between heavy showers lifted my spirits. I was advising a friend on plants suitable for use in an arts project, and was rewarded with a home-baked lemon drizzle cake - result!

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