Murlough Bay

We were both busy this morning, N was off to the chiropractor and 9was off to Yoga :-) I'd been thinking of taking up Yoga again, it's years since I last went, and I found a class a short distance away with a teacher I liked, so I've been going for the past 4 weeks and really enjoying it.
We decided, as the weather was warm and sunny, to go to Murlough Bay for a walk - it was lovely, just not as warm and sunny as we expected! It was actually quite cool, so we just walked a bit faster lol. The Mournes looked rather forbidding, very dark, but dramatic.
We saw loads of tiny wild viola, or Heartsease, so I've added 2 in the extras.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments, stars and hearts yesterday, they were very much appreciated xxxx

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